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With the completion of stages 1 and 2, Yanchep now boasts a dynamic main street, an impressive 3,600sqm Coles Yanchep Village Shopping Centre with complementary specialty tenancies and QSR and fuel providers.

The development of the predominantly Green Field southern lot has not only created a new commercial hub but has also revitalised the surrounding area. Prior to this development, the north side of Peony Boulevard served as an insular neighbourhood shopping centre anchored by Woolworths.


Development Milestones


Despite facing significant challenges such as material shortages, labour constraints, and authority-related delays, FRP has successfully navigated the Perth development and construction environment and delivered the project within an impressive timeframe of 3 years and 3 months.

Infrastructure Development

The project involved a complex subdivision of the greenfield lot, necessitating close coordination with major service utility providers. This included extending mains for water, sewer, gas, and NBN connectivity, as well as the installation of new transformers to ensure robust infrastructure for the community.

Successful Divestment

Notably, 100% of the QSR and Service Station lots have been divested at competitive yields, reflecting the project's appeal to investors and stakeholders.

Design Approach

Thematic Approach

The design themes for the development offer a refreshing departure from conventional aesthetics, with a focus on softer forms, colours, palettes, and textures. Abundant shade and contextual landscape elements enhance the overall ambience.

Sustainable Materials

The use of sustainable timber and composite materials in pergolas and arbours, adorned with the 'setting sun' motif, underscores FRP's commitment to environmental responsibility. These elements not only beautify the space but also serve as functional trellises for landscape features.

Movement & Circulation

The layout is carefully structured to promote a central gathering point along the street, with flush paved surfaces facilitating seamless movement and circulation between supermarkets and external activation areas. Indoor and outdoor spaces are thoughtfully designed to accommodate food and beverage establishments, fostering community engagement.

Local Character

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding Yanchep environment, the landscape design incorporates natural coastal materials and a relaxed lifestyle vibe. This approach adds a distinctive local flavour to the centre, enhancing its resonance with the community and surroundings. The centre also features a mural by Perth based artist Brenton See, which celebrates the local fauna and fauna. 


Stage 1-2 of the Yanchep development represents a significant achievement for FRP, signalling the beginning of a transformative journey for the Yanchep District Centre. With its emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and community engagement, the project sets out to create much-needed amenity for the growing Yanchep population. 

As FRP looks ahead to future stages, which include large-format retail, a childcare centre, health and wellness services, along with an extension of the existing Yanchep Central, it remains committed to delivering excellence and leaving a lasting impact on the Yanchep community.

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