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We're thrilled to announce the completion of the upgrade at Woolworths Yanchep! The store now features a drive thru 'Direct to Boot' service, a fresh new look fruit and veg department, deli, bakery, and more.

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The new 'Direct to Boot' service not only adds convenience for customers but will also bring additional customers to the centre, improve parking and bring the centre into the new age of online supermarket services.

FRP is constantly assessing the way in which customers interact with our centres and retailers, which means we are fast to move when it comes to adapting our buildings to suit the current consumer trends. We do this in many ways, however, the most valuable is by listening directly to our retailers as a means of understanding how we can best leverage digital solutions to improve convenience and ultimately bring more customers to our centres. This commitment to innovation is a core value that FRP look to reflect across our centres.

We look forward to exploring Direct to Boot and other online solutions across all of our centres, as we strive to enhance the experience of our customers and retailers.

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